About The Commons

Common Needs

The SECU Commons serves populations that have suffered from circumstances outside of their control – no family, illness, unemployment, a poor economy – that put them at risk of homelessness.  In many ways they are different, but they share common needs:

  • Safe, secure housing
  • Help to access services – healthcare, unemployment, social services
  • Training to gain employment – job and vocational training and education services
  • Assistance with lifeskills – financial counseling, time management, household skills
  • Transportation

Most importantly, they need a home – understanding neighbors, interactions with others, and a place where they learn to take on responsibilities and give support.


A Common Solution

The SECU Commons delivers that home – an integrated campus with housing, supportive services and a community environment. The program is consistent with the housing-first strategy proven effective throughout our country and supported by our Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Located on a campus-like property five minutes east of downtown Winston-Salem , our objective is to transform highly vulnerable people to be:

  • Employed or financially self-sufficient
  • Permanently housed
  • Net contributors to community services vs. net consumers of community services

The SECU Commons employs the most effective methods to address residents’ needs and brings together a variety of service organizations and the local community to help and benefit.

  • Offer services coordination, skills training and safe, family-friendly housing on one campus
  • Leverage the collective expertise of service organizations to:
    – Deliver training and services efficiently in one location
    – Enhance programs with cross agency cooperation
  • Invest in a campus with the capacity to expand
  • Utilize training, facilities and community support to reach financial self-sufficiency